Who Manages Your Clubs When You Are Away?

If you were just a single weekend golfer, you’ll know that the responsibilities lie heavily on your shoulders. You’re required to get to the tee-off on time. Your handicap partners await you. Before that, you’ve still got to practice during the spare time you have. And then you’ve still got to maintain your clubs. Any responsible golf club manager or administrator has such matters on his mind any day of the week.

golf club management

But for the small-time golf club, the work can be daunting. In fact, it’s pretty darn expensive. Many club board members are faced with this prospect. The daily costs of running a golf club will continue to rise. It is with regret that they agree to the hiking of annual club membership fees, knowing full well that they risk the further loss of paid-up members. Such members leave in disgruntled fashion. Why pay more to a club that is not able to match the fees?

There are other clubs out there. Membership fees may well be higher but it is all the more worthwhile. At least all amenities, along with fine greens and essential clubhouse facilities are intact. You wonder how they do it. If they’ve not employed full-time professionals to handle the daily affairs of club membership, they’ve sensibly invested their club dues in outsourced professional golf club management agencies.

Service fees more than likely do not come cheap. But it all works out well for the long-term. Running an amateur club for amateur members is a full-time job. Club board members still have other jobs or careers to attend to. This leaves little time for attending to the club’s affairs. See a good return of investment when you bravely sign off on professionalism.